What Parents Say…

“In one word–awesome! The Bradley Method® class really emphasized deep abdominal breathing, which was one of the main techniques that helped me give birth naturally.  My husband and I came away feeling so much more prepared and comfortable with the prospect of giving birth! I would recommend this class for every expectant couple.”
– Heather Slater

“I can’t believe what a difference Bradley classes made for me! I had a cesarean section with my first baby, an epidural with my second and never thought I could have a natural birth. After taking Nancy’s classes, I had a totally natural birth, a strong healthy baby boy, and I felt absolutely wonderful afterward! It changed my life – I’d never give birth any other way!”
– Mysti Williams

“I felt christened into parenthood by natural childbirth. Emotions run so high — Steve was crying, I was crying… so much different than our first birth. The [other] classes just didn’t prepare us for labor — I wouldn’t change a thing about this birth. Natural childbirth feels like a rite of passage.”
– Mary Berry

“People told us we shouldn’t try to have a natural birth with our first baby — ‘find out what it’s like first,’ they’d say. But we decided we’d get it right the first time. We really appreciated Nancy’s instruction and personal support — very caring and helpful.”
– Anne & Xavier Pacheco

“Excellent!  After our first experience, we found this class to allow much more team preparation and emotional bonding than we had in 7 months!”
– Ryann & Margarita Cooley

“Thank you!! You’ve been so great, Nancy, and taught me so much. I feel so prepared because of you. Thank you times a million.”
– Second time mom with successful VBAC

“Nancy, just wanted to let you know I had my check up with my doctor and the first thing she wanted to discuss is what a great team my husband and I were during our delivery. I was surprised she remembered us so vividly but she went on to say how she doesn’t really see that and how amazing it was to see how supportive he was and how in sync we were. We just wanted to say thank you again for teaching us the tools to make bringing our daughter into this world so incredible. We definitely feel closer as a couple!”
– First time mom, natural hospital birth

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