Obstetricians change definition of on-time delivery


NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – For years, babies born after a pregnancy lasting 37 to 42 weeks have been considered to be on time, or “term.” But a group of U.S. doctors is now separating deliveries that happen during that span in an effort to improve newborn health. Read more Here.


News Release: Premature births, low birth weight and c-sections on the rise

New baby just coming into the world

-News Release from CDC –

Premature births, low birth weight and c-sections on the rise: The Cesarean delivery rate rose 3 percent in 2006 to 31.1 percent of all births, a record high. The C-section rate has risen 50 percent since the 1996 low.

The preterm birth rate (percentage of infants delivered at less than 37 weeks of gestation) rose from 12.7 in 2005 to 12.8 in 2006. This rate has increased 20 percent since 1990.

The percentage of babies born at low birth weight also increased in 2006, to 8.3 percent of all births (up from 8.2 in 2005). The percentage of low birth weight babies has risen 19 percent since 1990.

“Births: Final Data for 2006” is available at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Released January 7, 2009.