Eat Well for Your Baby

The Brewer Diet

Healthy pregnancy nutrition includes a wide variety of foods in order to obtain all the macro- and micronutrients needed for growing a healthy baby and maintaining excellent maternal health.  The Bradley Method® recommends the following based on the Brewer Diet for Pregnancy:


One quart (four glasses) of milk or other dairy
Two eggs
Two servings of protein
Two servings of fresh dark leafy green vegetables
A yellow or orange fruit or vegetable
One citrus fruit
Other fruits and vegetables
Four servings of whole grains
Three pats of butter or equivalent healthy oils
Water to thirst
Salt to taste
Strive for 80-100 grams of total protein in the last half of pregnancy

The Brewer Diet advises “eating to appetite” so become educated on what a “serving size” actually is.  For example, one serving of milk is only 1 cup – an 8 ounce glass, not a 16 oz iced tea-sized glass.  Focusing on variety rather than large quantities, especially in early pregnancy, seems to help those who think “Wow, I could never eat that much food!”

If you are vegetarian, vegan, or have food sensitivities such as lactose or gluten intolerance, please feel free to call or email me.  I can help you make adjustments to your pregnancy nutrition to meet your needs without compromising the quality.

If you would like to track your pregnancy nutrition, email me for a free copy of the Brewer Diet on an Excel interactive spreadsheet.